The enamel covers the outer coating of the tooth. Enamel helps in protecting teeth from the stress associated with daily activities such as eating, biting, etc. With tissue in the body, this hard coating is the most difficult. Still, it is still prone to cracking and cracking. High temperature and other painful problems are protected from teeth through the enamel. This coating can be colored with drinks like coffee, tea, juice, and alcohol. Smoking stained enamel stains also stain There are treatments for colorful enamel, but you can not repair wooden pieces and cracks in the glass. Acid activity on teeth can cause enamel’s degradation. If you’ve experienced significant enamel erosion, a dentist in can help you with a few techniques.

Enamel Erosion Treatment

The best way for enamel erosion treatment that you can depend on.

• Every morning before breakfast, one spoon of sunflower oil in your mouth spoon. Do not swell the oil Spit it in a few minutes. This is the latest device for enamel erosion which catches. No other oil is recommended, though sesame oil appears to be working. The evacuation of oil, because this technique is called, it has the advantages of teeth, in which enamel is strengthened and prevention of corrosion.

• After eating some foods like tomato, lemon, and other lemon fruits, you are used to washing your mouth.

• Prevent the effects of tea, coffee, drinks, and citrus products by absorbing raw vegetables.

• Remove the cola through a straw and do not turn around the mouth. Cola should have as much contact with teeth as possible. When teeth of people suffering from acid reflux, when the stomach returns to the mouth, it can also suffer from dental caries

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