A dental accident can be unexpected. It could happen anywhere. At home, while driving, at a restaurant or at your place of work. Regardless of the point of its occurrence, it is important to ensure that its treatment is done effectively. Evergreen Dental team are considered as the best dentist in Chatswood and offer the following tips to help in emergency cases. Whether the accident results to unconsciousness or the person is still awake, these tips are quite useful in dealing with the accident.

See a dentist immediately

A dental accident in most cases is a serious injury. It is therefore important that you see a dentist and without delay. Ignoring the fact that you need the treatment may result to more infection from your dental area spreading around your mouth and this may result to serious illnesses and even death. The infection may not have affected the tooth only. More delays cause infection to spread to the gum and this is what causes the swelling in your mouth.


Drink lots of fluids

It is very likely that once you experience an accident within the dental area, you will experience infections. It’s therefore advisable that you do not stay or let yourself get dehydrated. Instead, ensure that you are constantly taking not just fluids but healthy fluids. This includes water and healthy juices. Some fluids may worsen the infection and therefore caution is necessary to prevent any kind of infection on the affected dental area.

Get treated by your dentist

If you have experienced dental problems before, you probably have this one dentist that you have been going to. Once you go through this accident, your dentist should be the first person that you contact. He or she well understands your dental history and therefore understands how best to treat you and what prescriptions to give. If your dentist is not available when you call in, get into an emergency room in the hospital for first aid treatments.

Understand that a tooth accident may be light or serious. However, the attention needed should be immediate and by the right dentist. This helps with recovery as well as prevent infections.

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