Dental sleep medicine is a branch of dentistry that is devoted to the cure of sleep apnea and snoring with the use of an oral appliance that is same to a retainer. Patients diagnosed with sleep apnea, they have typically been prescribed a continuous positive airway pressure machine(CPAP) which functions as a reverse vacuum cleaner to keep the airway open. It consists of a mask fitted over the mouth and nose which is attached to a compressor-like machine via a hose through which room air is forced. But in most cases, the alternative that is regarded as the right alternative to CPAP therapy for sleep apnea is the use of oral appliances. Visit to know about dental sleep medicine.

TMJ AppliancesWhen can we treat sleep apnea with oral appliances?

This disorder occurs typically when an individual’s tongue falls back into the throat thereby blocking the airway. A little obstruction brings about snoring, and complete one adds to breathing cessation. The appliances designed for oral treatment usually are intended to lower part jaw forward thereby pushing one’s tongue forward to clear and open the airway. Patients with severe sleep apnea who cannot or will not wear a CPAP machine can also benefit from oral appliances, but they are not as effective as CPAP therapy. It is still better than no treatment at all.

Where is the disorder diagnosed?

It is only a trained physician can handle this disorder. The physician will do some checkups to classify its severity. The diagnosis had to be done from an overnight sleep study for many years now. This study is conducted in a hospital or sleep laboratory. Determination still must be made by a physician, but the advantages of being able to attend the research in the patient’s bedroom can often provide a familiarity that in turn decreases the anxiety of the patient and increases the comfort. No patient should be given an oral appliance without the follow-up of an unattended sleep study.

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