Digitilization of dental procedures has come as a joy to all dentists as digital dentistry has enabled them to offer faster and easier treatments to their patients. Several materials ranging from small technology equipment to higher materials such as computers and other important machines in the dentistry sector.

Digitization of medical treatments and surgical procedures has led procedures like eye surgery and brain surgery become more precise. Even doctors practising lipoplasty in Sydney are starting to use digital methods for their offered treatments.

What does digital dentistry mean?

These are any form of digital innovations or devices that make use of computer-based or digital components. They do not use the initial electrical or mechanical knowledge we were used to. This process aids greatly in the dentistry sector as the manual work that used to be done can be carried out using these computer-based programs.

Digital Dentist

What are the examples of digital dentistry?

When you visit your dentist, radiography and images that are pixelated will be need the use of computers. Images of teeth can be taken by the use of intraoral cameras which allow quick processing into the computer thereafter sent into the lab for further medication. By the use of the digital radiography, the quality of images can be maintained as the exposure to radiation is reduced by 70%. This is a very fantastic move in dentistry

The best innovations in the field of dentistry

Cone beam computed tomography machines have been improved to permit usage in personal dental offices so that every computer programs dealing with teeth problem can be solved. These problems include teeth implant, occlusion evaluations and the analysis of TMJ. With the use of CBCT machine, the dentist is able to view our teeth in 3 dimension which gives them full information hence treating the problem becomes very easy. It can also guide them to place teeth using extra dental computer programs effectively

CAM/CAD is another machine that when combined with the 3 D printing machine, it becomes very easy to make porcelain, metal, zirconia, and resin used to create dental prosthesis. This has also enhanced the speed at which the work is done meaning the patients will never have to wait for a long queue of the doctor’s appointment.

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