Wisdom teeth are the third molars that appears late in the mouth of an individual and in majority of cases, these teeth does not grow in properly causing pain and discomfort. It also  results in impacted teeth that cause damage to adjacent teeth and problems while chewing food and hence wisdom teeth removal is the best way of dealing with the problem in the most effective manner. Its important to remove the wisdom teeth because leaving it can lead to problems like cavities, infections and periodontal diseases.

There are different reasons why wisdom tooth removal is the best option for you which includes:

  • Teeth do not fit properly in the mouth
  • Chronic pain in gums near the wisdom teeth in mouth
  • Teeth does not emerge straight
  • Development of cysts near wisdom teeth

It is important to get the wisdom teeth removed because when the teeth does not grown in the right position, it can lead to more serious health problems in near  future.

The dentist is responsible for wisdom tooth removal as its a very important dental procedure that helps in preventing infections as it is carried on in a simple and  pain free procedure. The first step is to take an x-ray of the tooth for finding out what the root of the tooth look like which is very important for removing the teeth surgically. A numbing agent is applied on the gums and then a local anesthesia is injected which will help in reducing the pain while it calms the nerves before the extraction process takes place. But before going for teeth removal, you should look for an experienced and trained dentist who will handle the entire process in  the best possible manner. It is also important to know the after care for removing the teeth so that you can get complete relief after the procedure.

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