The history of dentistry back since 7000BC shows that the Indus Valley Civilization used to cure dental issues using primitive drills. Although this may sound painful, in fact, reconstructions of these techniques have shown that these practices were very effective. Learn more about the dental historic facts by reading books or visiting blog sites about dentistry.

It has also been shown through archaeological finds that the ancient Greeks and Egyptians were early users of dental surgery and prosthetics. Greek scholars such as Aristotle and Hippocrates also wrote a lot about dentistry. From these texts, we can see those tooth extractions were done using simple forceps and that dental ailments such as tooth decay and gum disease were treated during this era. In addition, wobbly teeth apparently used to be held in place with metal wire.

From as far back as the Middle Ages until as recently as the late nineteenth century, dentists still did not exist as their own separate profession. Tooth extractions were still performed by physicians and barbers if somebody was suffering from dental pain.

As far as we know, the first book to be published about dentistry was written in 1530 although it wasn’t until 1685 that a book was written in English by somebody called Charles Allen. Between this time and the early eighteen hundreds was a golden age of development in dentistry. Frenchman known by the name Pierre Fauchard was the father of the modern dentistry. However, He was the first to use techniques of dental fillings and discovered that sugar and acid were the main causes of tooth decay.

history of dentist

Studied dental history says that the modern age is the age of the rise cosmetic dentistry: “It’s unbelievable how much dentistry has changed over the last ten years. As people look after their teeth much better these days, the trend is much more towards cosmetic dentistry rather than the traditional dental treatments.”

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