What is a dental bridge? The dental bridge usually consists of three parts. Two crowns are attached to the tooth adjacent to the missing tooth (usually called the pillar) and artificial teeth fill the spaces between them. It may be permanent (usually the most common form) or moving, and the appropriate type will be chosen based on the patient’s desire, type of gums, adjoining teeth stability. Top Health Dental clinic in Ryde gives the following advice about how to clean under a dental bridge…

Use the superfloss

it is important to know how to clean under a dental bridge

All food residue should be cleaned under the bridge and between the teeth. The best way to clean the bridge is with a special floss thread.
Dentists resort to a dental bridge for patients who have lost one or more of the molars, either completely or partially. The dental bridge compensates functionally and functionally lost, but because it is artificial, some complications may occur, such as foul odors.

Causes of mouth odor because of the bridge

– Dental bridges are not properly fit to the gums, so there are still some spaces that allow the food to enter.
– When the food crumbs between the bridge and gums it ferments and becomes fertile environment for the collection of bacteria causing the smell.
– The presence of large spaces between the bridge and gums may allow the entry of food crumbs to places that cannot be accessed and cleaned, and may be needed to re-install the bridge in a healthy manner.
– Other causes of odor and non-food residue include gingivitis. Gingivitis may cause irritation and inflammation


Ways to get rid of the smell of mouth from the dental bridge

– Clean teeth with brush and putty at least twice a day.
– Use a thread to clean the teeth to get rid of the remnants of food, especially before sleep.
– Use mouthwash at least three times during the day.
– Visit the doctor regularly to ensure the integrity of the bridge.

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