Sinus surgery is a common procedure done to help improve the breathing ability of patient life. Before the procedure is conducted, the doctor is required to give you a full breakdown of the total surgery cost.

Below is a breakdown of the payments that you should expect.

Cost 1: Surgeon Fees

Different sinus surgeon will charge differently for this procedure. These factors will depend on their level of experience, skills, location, and demand for the surgery. It’s advisable you do a proper background check of every surgeon before you can settle for one. The surgeon will discuss with you the fees during consultations.

Cost 2: Anesthesia Fees

Anesthesia fee is also included in the sinus surgery cost. The fees here will depend on the provider of anesthesia, type of anesthesia (local or general) administered and the period that the surgery will last. The severity and how thorough the surgeon is will influence the period taken for surgery. Note that general anesthesia is recommended for sinus surgeries. The cost will range from 100$ to 5000$.

sinus surgery costCost 3: Facility Fees

The surgeon decides where the procedures will be performed. This can either be at a private surgery center, hospital or even at the office. The facility fees will cater for

  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Surgical tool
  • Room expenses (operating room and recovering room)

Cost 4: Miscellaneous Expenses

These are expenses that are incurred by the patient during and after the procedure. These are:

  • Travelling and parking expenses.
  • Hotel room expenses.
  • Post-surgery medications expenses like antibiotic and pain medication

Always check out with your insurance as most of them covers the cost of this surgery. You will need some weeks off after the surgery so as to recover. It’s recommended you decide on the best time that you will expect to find fewer disturbances and inconvenience.

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