Wearing a sports mouth guard can save your teeth

Wearing a sports mouth guard can save your teeth

When your teeth are protected by a high-quality shield, you will have the confidence to give your best in the playing field without worrying about getting hurt. A custom-made mouth guard is considered the best as it is made in accordance with the structure of your mouth. If you like rough sports and want to know more about mouth guards check www.dentalspot.com.au for more information; they specialize in mouth guards for athletes.

What would be your normal reaction when you see a man running towards you with no intention of slowing? Some might react by ducking or by running away from him. A normal man, in a street, may have such options, but on a field, this is not the option, especially when you have to stop a player from scoring against your team. Not all sports require a player to wear mouth guards, but in games like football or ice hockey which involve contact between players, it might be essential. Not only professionals but people involved in recreational activities should also be wearing a mouth guard. Teeth get injured easily.

It is a known fact that an effective sports mouth guard decreases the chance of mouth injuries by almost 100%. But the level of protection depends upon the type of the mouth guard model.

1. The most basic model is the ready-made one which is easily available and cheap. This model hardly provides enough protection and is very uncomfortable, making it hard to speak and breathe.

2. The better version of this model is the ‘boil and bite‘ one. It is made in such a way that when boiled and placed inside your mouth, it will adjust to the structure of your teeth. Although popular amongst amateur sportsmen, it provides only average protection and is not a perfect fit.

3. The best mouth guard is the one that is customized according to the structure of your mouth. It is recommended by dentists and is created using the impression of your teeth, making a perfect fit and comfortable protective shield. A custom-made mouth guard not only ensures great protection but is very comfortable, tear resistant and does not cause any trouble while speaking or breathing. It is a costly model but would be the perfect defense for your priceless teeth.

Braces vs. Invisalign РWhich One Is Better?

Braces vs. Invisalign РWhich One Is Better?

Braces or Invisalign. Not sure which to go for? Well, both braces and Invisalign offer typically the same remedies to the teeth problems.

Braces use thin metals brackets glued to the teeth and held firmly by wires while Invisalign is almost invisible and fit well over your teeth. Each aligner shifts your teeth a bit by bit, allowing horizontally and vertically movements and even rotation when needed. By applying the exact amount of force, until the teeth eventually straighten out.

Which to choose depends on a couple of factors as each has its own pros an cons: For instance, sportsmen and those working in fast moving jobs are not advised to use braces as it may damage their teeth and gums. Instead, they are recommended to go for Invisalign as living with these clear braces is easier as they have zero to minimize interruption to your life.


Invisalign Aligners are Virtually Invisible. 1 Point For Invisalign.

Lifestyle is key to the choice of teeth straightener. Braces are preferred for serious cases and are permanently fixed on your teeth for the entire period of the treatment requiring less maintenance. On the other side, Invisalign trays are removable, virtually invisible and are good for those who do public speaking.

The treatment period varies depending on the patient’s condition, braces are permanently fixed on your teeth and are worn 24 hours a day for a period of 2 years. Meanwhile, Invisalign is worn for 6 to 12 months for around 20-22 hours. If you are using braces then you need to book an adjustment appointment with the dentist once every month. but for Invisalign, you need to change the aligners every two weeks.

A disadvantage of Invisalign includes the difficulty to clean aligners as mouth juices are hard to remove not even with soaking. Taking them out is quite a challenge not to mention the need to wear them for many hours. They require maintenance and need to be changed every two weeks for proper adaptation with the movement of teeth.

Braces are painful due to the wires and have limitations as eating the certain type of foods can be tough. While Invisalign can be removed before one eats or drinks. Although the level of maintenance is high in terms of cleaning as you require to brush them, and also removing and wearing them again can be cumbersome.

For crooked teeth, most dentists recommend the use of aligners as they straighten the teeth quicker and are less painful while at the same time offering you convenience as you can remove and wear them again as you please.

There’s are advantages and disadvantages to each option. At the end of the day, the choice still depends on your wants and needs.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option but still get the job done, braces are your best bet. Meanwhile, if want a more indistinguishable approach and comfort, Invisalign is definitely the one for you.

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