The average cost of professional teeth whitening

The average cost of professional teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening is one of the best and the most popular cosmetic dental technique globally. The practice takes place in the office under careful and highly monitored conditions, unlike home-based techniques that involve use of low-dose bleaching agents. In-office teeth whitening ensures, pain free, safe, and effective use of bleaching agents of relatively high concentration that guarantees perceptible results instantly. If you’re looking to get your teeth professionally whitened, a Sunbury dentist explains teeth whitening options so you’ll be perfectly guided.

The average cost of professional teeth whitening may vary widely depending on the type of treatment. It’s estimate average cost is $650. The different types of teeth whitening options are;

  • The whitening strips– they contain a whitening gel. They are warped around the targeted teeth and a package of 28 strips goes for $44.99.
  • The whitening toothpaste– it’s a special toothpaste that whitens teeth through brushing. It goes for around $4.
  • In-office teeth whitening techniques-involves treatment by a dentist using teeth bleaching agents or ultra-violet light. It’s estimated at $650.

Despite the relatively high cost of treatment, professional whitening of teeth is worth it due to the following reasons;

Faster results average cost of professional teeth whitening

The bleaching gel is highly concentrated and more effective than most home-based bleaching agents. Effectively, the results are experienced immediately after treatment. One does not have to wait for a week or two to see the results. Compared to the home product that is set to be practiced for a period of two- to four weeks, in-office treatment takes roughly an hour

Dental monitoring

The availability of a dentist for close supervision during the treatment process is an added advantage to the in-office method of dental care. Unlike the OTC products such as the whitening strips, in-office treatment is closely monitored by the dentist to ensure that each step is executed flawlessly for the desired results. It also ensure there there are no negative impacts of the process such as damage to the gums and teeth which are likely to occur when supervision is absent. It is for this and many other reasons that professional teeth whitening is the best for your teeth.

Know About Laser Teeth Whitening Cost

Know About Laser Teeth Whitening Cost

Imagine not having the pleasure of laughing your heart out when a dirty joke is cracked due to a discolored dental formula. This is a very an unpleasant experience. People thus go to extreme measures to make sure this doesn’t happen. Its one thing to whiten your teeth but another to do it perfectly, affordable and within the shortest time possible. This article provides all the insight you need when it comes to laser whitening cost. It will look at how it will cost you on finances, time, maintenance and safety.

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Financial Cost

You don’t want to go chasing for a service you can’t afford, noting that dental insurance companies do not cover teeth whitening price. This means you will meet the full bill yourself. Keep in mind that the cost will be different at different dental clinics. The factors that affect the price of the procedure include the extent of discoloration of your teeth, the increasing number of patients day-in-day-out and the dentist doing the operation. Having considered all factors, expect the procedure to cost you around 1000$. its also good to know that for a more customized and exceptional service, you might need to add a little cash.

Time Cost

laser teeth whiteningTime is very valuable. Its not fair to lose a whole day with the dentist. This is surely a factor to consider when looking at the teeth whitening price. You only need around 30 minutes until this procedure is over. Amazing, right? This is actually the fastest teeth whitening service with instant results. A busy schedule can never again be a reason for a dull smile what they didn’t tell you is that though laser teeth whitening companies brag to provide a one time service, you will need to take multiple visits to the dentist to make sure that the outcome coincides with your fantasy of an awesome smile.

Maintenance Cost

You do not wish to buy a Lamborghini Aventador you cannot maintain. It’s actually illogical. The laser teeth whitening cost effect remains for around 6 months to a year at most. This means that for continued enjoyment of the effect, it comes with a little responsibility. This is if you are to keep your gorgeous grin a little bit longer. The good news is that it may not be that expensive. You only need to avoid foods and drinks that may stain your teeth, brush regularly with a good whitening paste and ensure that you follow-up with your dentist every couple of months.


All kinds of bleaching are known to cause tooth sensitivity but it’s dependent on one’s enamel. Laser teeth whitening does not increase the discomfort in your dental formulae but a higher application of the peroxide used in the procedure does. Other than that laser teeth whitening is safe. The good thing is that research is continuing to make the procedure safer and effective day-in-day-out.


Though you will be charged a little more compared to other treatments, the results accrued are worth the cost when both time and a stunning smile is concerned. It is said that this procedure is up to 50 times better than other methods of teeth whitening. It is thus an easy, effective and fast operation where Instant results are guaranteed. Forget the costs and make your life enjoyable with an impressive smile.

Why Led Teeth Whitening

Why Led Teeth Whitening

Are you aware of the fact that there are many different procedures that can help whiten your teeth nowadays? Yes, there a lot of them are on the market today and LED Teeth Whitening Light is one of them. Whitening your teeth can be achieved in the dental clinic alright and this procedure entails scraping time and effort and of course, your financial resources. Whitening your teeth requires a good amount of money as this procedure is something costly.

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Teeth whitening solutions are in fact obtainable with many different procedures. These procedures are called alternatives and doing them requires you not to make use of expensive dental procedures. Some of the most popular alternatives include the use of teeth whitening gels that contain carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients have oxidizing ingredients which help eliminate stains and gradually whiten your teeth the way you want them to be.

teeth whiteningTooth gels such as these can now be purchased on the market these days, thus giving you one of the best alternatives for whitening or bleaching your teeth. But what if you want to have a fast-acting tooth whitening solution? Is there any effective product you can buy and use it in your home without going to the dentist over and over again? Yes, there is this particular product you can buy for your home whitening procedure and this product is called Home Use Teeth Whitening Light. The truth is that people with teeth bleaching problems want something to help them whiten their teeth immediately without the fuss. They also want the process to be something convenient that they can use right in the comfort of their homes. Thus, this specific product has been innovated to answer the needs and demands of many people who are turning to practical alternatives in terms of teeth bleaching procedures and products.

The LED teeth whitening light is the product which is currently offered by dentists and the truth is that this is the best practical solution for those people who are looking for the fast, immediate, and reliable way to whiten their teeth in just a short period of time

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