Everything You Need To Know About Wisdom Tooth Removal

Everything You Need To Know About Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that appears late in the mouth of an individual and in majority of cases, these teeth does not grow in properly causing pain and discomfort. It also  results in impacted teeth that cause damage to adjacent teeth and problems while chewing food and hence wisdom teeth removal is the best way of dealing with the problem in the most effective manner. Its important to remove the wisdom teeth because leaving it can lead to problems like cavities, infections and periodontal diseases.

There are different reasons why wisdom tooth removal is the best option for you which includes:

  • Teeth do not fit properly in the mouth
  • Chronic pain in gums near the wisdom teeth in mouth
  • Teeth does not emerge straight
  • Development of cysts near wisdom teeth

It is important to get the wisdom teeth removed because when the teeth does not grown in the right position, it can lead to more serious health problems in near  future.

The dentist is responsible for wisdom tooth removal as its a very important dental procedure that helps in preventing infections as it is carried on in a simple and  pain free procedure. The first step is to take an x-ray of the tooth for finding out what the root of the tooth look like which is very important for removing the teeth surgically. A numbing agent is applied on the gums and then a local anesthesia is injected which will help in reducing the pain while it calms the nerves before the extraction process takes place. But before going for teeth removal, you should look for an experienced and trained dentist who will handle the entire process in  the best possible manner. It is also important to know the after care for removing the teeth so that you can get complete relief after the procedure.

Common Dental Health Mistakes

Common Dental Health Mistakes

Dental health is very vital in your life. Currently, there are so many dentists all over the world who given dental care to any individual who seeks this services. Dental experts have revealed that there are many dental health mistakes that many people do commit when they are caring for their teeth. Some of the common dental health mistakes that you have to avoid are:

Brushing your teeth very hard

Although you may be having strong teeth it does not mean that you have to brush them too hard. Although you are required to brush them hard so that you can remove the food deposits that may be dislodged from your teeth, you have to your teeth with care. Your teeth need a gentle scrub which may not damage them.If you brush your teeth very hard you may damage the enamel and the gums which can lead to tooth decay. This can also lead to gum irritation and recession.

Brushing your teeth for the wrong period of time

Dentist recommends that you should brush your teeth at least two minutes. It’s possible to brush your teeth for a short period and also for long period of time. When you brushing your teeth try to focus on all parts of your mouth. Even if you take a long period of time it’s good that your brush all parts of your brush so that you can remove all food particles that may cause your teeth to decay. Avoid concentrating on brushing on one part of your mouth and you say that you have brushed your teeth.

Using a toothbrush for long period of time

So many people all over the world do not care about the length of time that they use their toothbrush. Some people do use a toothbrush even for five years without disposing it away and buying a new one. Dentists recommend that you use your toothbrush at least three months, after that, you dispose of it and buy a new one. What makes the dentists recommend this’s because when you use a toothbrush for long it will lose its effectiveness as the bristles in your brush tend to lose their rigidness. This, therefore, means that it will not be able to remove all the food particles that may cause tooth decay.

Not flossing

Another dental health mistake that many people do make is avoiding to floss. Flossing is an important idea that helps in eliminating the build-up of plague between your teeth.

What To Eat After Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

What To Eat After Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are often eliminated due to impaction or pain caused by overcrowding. For some people, this third set of molars can grow without complications. For the majority of people, it can cause serious pain when it gets impacted. After any surgical procedure, there are special instructions that must be followed for health reasons and optimal healing.

Some people choose to be too cautious with their food choices and try to survive on chunks of ice; milkshakes, pudding, and jelly. This type of diet will not only bore you; it will not help your body. While you will want to be careful with your food choices. To do this, make your decisions carefully from each food group. Do not choose foods that require sucking or sucking. Foods that are very acidic can also be a problem. Citric acid is difficult in the mouth and especially in the gums. Leave this type of food for a week or two.

Watch this video of some soft food ideas:

Protein is important for the body to heal itself. You can get protein by eating meat, beans, lentils, brown rice and nuts. Because your mouth will be sore, you will not want to eat meat that will be hard for you to chew. Start with creamy peanut butter on soft bread or beans. The beans are great with flour tortillas and a bowl of beans. During the first week, you may want to use beans and brown rice as sources of protein. The beans are great in the soups.

Vegetables are high in vitamins and should also be included. If you cook your vegetables, they are softer and also easier to chew. Cooked carrots, sweet potatoes, the mashed potatoes, the broccoli, cauliflower, and other cooked soft vegetables can be eaten without causing discomfort or harm to your surgical site after your wisdom teeth are removed.


Fruits are another important part of your diet. Eating applesauce and other fruit purees are possible after removing wisdom teeth. Eating these and drinking fruit juices can help you get your daily fruit needs. Choose the ones that are not too high in citric acid.

Dairy is the group that several people tend to cover with ice cream and pudding. These are not the best options you can do, although they are easy to manipulate after performing an extraction. Better choices are cottage cheese and milk. Chain cheese (or mozzarella) is another food that is easy to chew and has a high calcium and protein content. Yogurt can be used to keep bacteria balanced in your body if you take antibiotics and have a high content of proteins and nutrients.

Choosing foods from all the food groups is essential. Bread and grains may not be that easy during the first day or two since bread and cereals, as well as soft pasta, is not that difficult to eat after your teeth are removed. Start with sweet foods and keep going as long as your body allows it. It’s probably not a good idea to order a piece of steak a couple of hours after surgery. If you want your healing time to be reduced, eat soft foods for the first two or three days to reduce the chances of bleeding.


Professional Teeth Whitening Services: Yay or Nay?

Professional Teeth Whitening Services: Yay or Nay?

Over the time, teeth tend to lose their shine and color. This implies for even those, who regularly brush their teeth two times a day and make use of dental aids like mouthwashes and dental floss.

You can still suffer from discoloration since over the time a yellowish colored layer gets accumulated on the teeth which make them look pale and unhealthy. This can have serious consequences. You can lose your confidence since you start feeling conscious all the time while talking to people or laughing in front of them. You feel embarrassed and uncomfortable in public gatherings.

Such a situation can be avoided by a simple visit to a reliable dental clinic. The dentist will examine your teeth and depending on the situation, he/she will decide which teeth whitening or cleaning method is best suited for you.

regular dental cleaning

Visit Your Dentist To Know The Right Whitening Treatment For You.

Usually, if the accumulation of the yellow layer is not too much, the dentist will suggest a whitening session at his dental clinic. If you do not want to visit a dentist right away, try some of the popular whitening and cleansing products available in the market.

In many cases, these products have been beneficial. You can try some mouthwashes but opt for the ones which are not alcohol based or have very little quantity of alcohol in it. You can also try other products like whitening strips and chewing gums.

Many people have benefited from these products, but it depends on how far your teeth have degenerated. Out of the above-mentioned products, whitening strips are considered to be the most effective over-the-counter method. Changing your oral hygiene routine might also prove to be quite effective. You are advised to cut down intake of beverages like wine, aerated drinks, coffee and tea. You also need to cut down on smoking and tobacco consumption.

But still, cheap over-the-counter methods are no match for specialized teeth whitening services offered at a dental clinic. If you want a flawless set of teeth, white as pearls, you ought to pay a visit to an experienced dentist. Besides the regular cleaning and whitening services, the dentist might even give you a mouth wear to use while you are at your workplace or home. This method is quite effective in making teeth whiter and shinier. After a few days, you will observe a noticeable progress in the appearance of your teeth. By taking good care at home and with the help of the dentist, you will be able to restore the health of your teeth within no time. The dentist will examine your teeth and will also make sure that you are not suffering from any other form of dental trouble.

Teeth Whitening Strips: Do They Really Work?

Teeth Whitening Strips: Do They Really Work?

Teeth whitening strips are the most popular product used today in order to whiten one’s teeth. It is also one of the easiest methods for you to use. It’s convenient for you to apply, as you can use the product while at home, without the need to consult your local dentist.

With this method, a thin layer of plastic is placed on one side, with the bleaching agent used to whiten your teeth on the other. It’s possible for you to apply the strips to both your upper and lower jaw. For the lower and upper jaw, you’ll be given separate strips. The chemical that is used in the whitening strips is usually hydrogen peroxide.

You will have to continue to use this procedure for at least 14 days. You will have to apply the strips to your teeth no more than twice, every day. You should do both the upper and lower side of the mouth, separately. It’s very easy for you to apply the strips to your teeth, and you should begin to see noticeable results within no time.

How Can Teeth Bleaching Strips Work?

The important blanching component in these strips is peroxide. All items like gels, pens, and pieces contain dioxide in 1 of 2 possible forms. It is easily the most generally utilized in gels and is available in more effective whitening toothpaste too, while peroxide is usually utilized in pieces and whitening pens.

It breaks lower into dioxide, meaning this type of peroxide is less efficient at blanching than the same power of dioxide. Actually, It is about 1/3 the effectiveness of the same power of peroxide. Regardless of this carbamide continues to be a highly effective whitening agent and it is frequently utilized in gels because it may be far better to handle than high concentrations of dioxide.

Peroxide is definitely an oxidizer, meaning it breaks lower itself into oxygen and water. The concentrated oxygen penetrating with the pores of the enamel to your teeth is exactly what breaks apart the stains that discolor your tooth. These stain pigments are torn apart at a molecular level through the oxygen. For this reason, dioxide gels and strips are better at teeth blanching than abrasives like sodium bicarbonate or most whitening toothpaste, which don’t include a peroxide.

Another advantage of using teeth whitening strips is that they are very cheap to purchase. When compared to other methods of whitening, the cost is very low. You will be able to apply the whitening strips to your mouth without the assistance of a trained professional. Because the strips are coated in the chemical; you should have little difficulty when placing them on your teeth

Do You Know the Negative Effects of Utilizing Teeth Bleaching Strips?

Like several dioxide whitening products, tooth bleaching strips possess a chance of negative effects. Particularly, you have to be conscious of the opportunity of elevated tooth sensitivity and possible gum irritation.

A brief rise in dental sensitivity to extreme temperatures is a very common side-effect of blanching the teeth with peroxide. What this means is it may be painful to consume frozen treats or drink hot coffee. This side-effect will diminish and finally disappear when you stop your whitening treatment. The easiest method to avoid this to quicken recovery from this is by using restorative toothpaste to correct the dwelling of the tooth and reduce sensitivity prior to starting your blanching regimen.

Gum irritation could be restricted to carefully using the strips, so they don’t touch your gums.

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