Sleep dentistry refers to the application of anesthesia during treatment to put a patient into a sleep-like relaxed state. At this Liverpool dental clinic with 50 years in dental service, it is used for patients who have dental phobia and have trouble controlling their problems. While sleep dentistry implies that the patient is in the state of unconsciousness, this is generally not the case. Sedation dentistry simply reduces anxiety and put patients in a semi-sleep state.

As of 2019, sleep dentistry cost ranges from $500 to $650 per hour. The cost includes drug administration and recovery time. On an average basis, you can expect to spend around $550 per hour plus the treatment rendered. The duration of the treatment also affects the overall cost.

Sleep dentistry has proven to be a beneficial and cost-effective method to help those afraid of the treatment, behaviourally challenged as well as those having gagging problems. Now let us talk about a few anesthetics that will give you a basic understanding of the different sleep dentistry methods available and their approximate cost.

Laughing gas scientifically called Nitrous Oxide is used with a mix of oxygen.sleep dentistry cost It produces a state of relaxation that begins instantly and ends immediately after the mask is removed. It does not have any side effect. The cost of nitrous oxide ranges from as little as $30 to $250 depending on the practice and usage.

Valium, Xanax, and other similar drugs have an anesthetic effect. However, the patient will need to arrive for treatment two hours ahead of time. The dentist administers the drug in some other room or gives you a prescription to buy a capsule and take before you come for treatment.

The cost of Valium and Xanax range from $200 to $600 depending upon the anesthetic used.

So don’t let anxiety and phobia keep you from getting dental treatment you need. Sleep dental treatment is available and is more affordable than you think.

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