When a baby is born without a nose there are limited chances of survival unless through a proper and successful surgery with a nose surgeon in Sydney. A few cases have been reported in different parts of the world of a baby born without nose which raised different reaction across on what could be the exact cause. It could cause a lot of trauma but parents shouldn’t worry too much since it’s a very rare occurrence. But if this ever happens, it would mean that the baby won’t have sense of smell and proper breathing as well all know is the most important functions supported by the nose.

When a baby is born without a nose, they may use the mouth as an alternative channel but with a lot of challenges during breastfeeding. Since they are still very fragile, it’s not possible for them to breathe using the mouth with ease.

Ways to care for a baby born without nose

Different causes are related to the complete lack of nose at birth. This birth defect gives the baby a very low and flat nasal bridge on the face. The condition is associated with infectious disease though this can’t completely be justified while other may be as a result of incomplete development. baby born without nose

Being a rare case, babies born without a nose are always received with great shocks but technology and advance studies have made the corrective process possible. Doctors can support the corrective part to develop nasal passage and enable the baby to use the nose properly but it must be done in phases. The ability to make the process successful depends on the development level of the nose. The interconnection between the nose and other organs such as the ear and the mouth are important and can be complex without proper development.

The greatest challenge that parents who get babies without the nose have is about the uncertainty that the condition may have. Raising the required amount of money to have the surgery and correction process done for the nose can sometimes be a great problem as well.

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