If your teeth is stained, broken or chipped, the easiest way to restore its structure and look is through a dental bonding. You’ll surely be impressed with the dental bonding before and after results.  Although it can be a little expensive, the huge difference that you’ll see on your dental structure and look, will prove it to be very cost effective. Most dental experts and cosmetic advisers have embraced the use of dental bonding for minor repairs to handle the dental needs.In fact it’s one of the cosmetic dentistry services at serenitysmiles.com.au/ since it’s proven to be very convenient especially for those using an insurance since the procedure has been considered by most of the insurance companies.

The process of dental bonding

Once the teeth with minor defects such as gaps, cracks and cavities that should be corrected are identified, they are first made rough by use of phosphoric acid. This will create a perfect environment for the bonding material to stay in place and to perfectly bond with the existing teeth.

The material is used on the tooth surface where it’s sculpted, shaped and then hardened using a special light that quickens the process. To restore it fully, the composite used is polished and then given smooth finishing that makes it a perfect match of the other existing teeth.

Since the process involves the use of tooth composite material to adjust dental bonding before and afterthe tooth shape, it’s made perfect through sculpting and polishing. Cases like small gaps that exist between the teeth and those of broken tooth are perfectly addressed when the tooth-colored composite used bonds perfectly with the tooth. In most cases the polished part will have the original color of the teeth hence the use of dental bonding for tooth filling is preferred than the silver filling.

New Image of dental bonding

It gives you a new look by eliminating the discolored teeth and cracks that can sometime be very irritating. If you don’t enjoy the gap between your teeth when you smile, dental bonding will make you comfortable by eliminating it. You get to enjoy perfectly contoured and shaped teeth when you use dental bonding.

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