Cavities are formed in the teeth mainly because bacteria, acids and other food act on the enamel of the teeth and damage it. Hence to prevent damage to their teeth, people of all ages are increasingly considering dental sealants. Children like eating chocolates sweets and are more likely to develop cavities in their teeth. Hence dental sealants were used extensively for ensuring that children do not develop cavities on their teeth. However adults are also facing the problem of cavities, hence dentists are now also recommending the use of dental sealants for adults. A highly skilled dental professionals should be able to provide this type of preventative dental care if you’re looking for a Bella Vista dental clinic.

It should be noted that dental sealants can only be used on healthy teeth, which do not have any kind of cavities and bacteria. The sealant is a thin coating of plastic which is applied to the teeth which covers the teeth completely, so that the bacteria, acids in the mouth do not reach the real surface of the tooth. The chemicals in the sealant ensure that it adheres to the grooves in the tooth, and forms a bond, which cannot be removed easily by brushing, eating and other activities. Thus, the sealant forms a protective coating over the enamel of the teeth to prevent decay in future.

Food is more likely to accumulate at the back of the mouth and cavities are also more likely to be formed on these teeth which cannot be easily reached. It is difficult for the dentist to treat these teeth at the back of the mouth, so often the dentist will apply the sealant to these teeth, the molars and the premolars. To prepare the teeth for the sealant, an acidic solution may be applied, which helps the sealant adhere to the tooth surface more easily. The liquid sealant will take some time to harden. Applying a sealant is a simple procedure which is painless. However, dentists will recommend using sealants based on the condition of the teeth and other factors.

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