Getting your tooth implant loose will undoubtedly give you a very painful experience. Even though they rarely occur, they require that you visit your dentist immediately after the dentals have fallen out or even when they’re loose though they seem intact. This should not scare you off though as the best dentist in Sydney cbd for dental implants makes sure that patients do not experience this terrible mishap. But if this ever happens, you should know how to avoid such a situation and deal with it whenever it occurs.

What are the causes of a loose tooth implant?

1. Peri-implantitis

This is arguably the most common form of denture and gum disease. To treat this disease, you need oral hygiene and antibiotics. However, if the disease persists, talk to your dentist and they’ll remove the implant, treat the area and then replace your prostheses.

2. Loose dental crown

A loose dental crown could be one reason that your tooth implant is becoming loose. Even though it isn’t that serious, you should see your dentist and have them examine the extent of its effect on your tooth implant.

3. Bone Loss

Yet another possible reason that your tooth implant is becoming loose could be bone loss around the area. Bone loss may be a clear sign of a failed implant, even though they’re very unlikely, but in case they happen, it’s usually in the first year since they do not integrate completely.

Detecting signs and symptoms of a loose tooth implant

Obviously, whenever your tooth implants falls out or starts exhibiting some strange behavior, then it’s an issue you should raise with your dentist. It’s always a good idea to know the signs and symptoms to look for before declaring your dentals as a loose tooth implant. These signs include:

Bleeding on touch

Discoloration around the region

Visible bone loss and


Treatment for loose tooth implant tooth implant loose

The possible treatment involves removing the crown,inspecting , and then cleaning the area.The dentist can then tighten the parts together or recommend a fresh surgery to replace the implant.

However, if the dentist detects some infection or failure to osseointegrate, he/she can remove the tooth implant all together.

What to do in case a tooth implant falls out

Save the piece, call your dentist immediately and avoid chewing food with the implant. You should also rinse the area with non-alcoholic mouthwashes 2-3 times a day.

In conclusion

A loose tooth implant can scare you, but the key take away from the information above is to maintain good oral hygiene. Remember to brush your teeth every day, and practice all those good stuff. This will prevent the problems related to loose tooth implants.

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